Alex Rathbone’s willingness to embrace a vernacular distinct from the realms of the conventional languages of contemporary art is demonstrated throughout his practice. Clay facsimiles, ancient pastiche, and clip art come together to hint at an alternate reality. In this environment degradation and decay take hold, albeit artificially and clinically, ensuring we don’t depart too far from the actuality— that we have slipped into the fabric of a multi-levelled real life video game scenario.


Alex Rathbone (b.1987, Middlesex, UK) lives and works in Berlin. Selected past exhibitions include: Growing Pains, Polanksy Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (2019); Nightmare, Gallery Celine, Glasgow (2018); On this evening, Thoughts emerge, Fully formed, Valentin project room, Paris, France (2017); Household Values: Plural Melts, Yvonne Lambert, Berlin, Germany (2017); LISTE w/ The Sunday Painter, Basel, (2016); FACE TO FACE. Emerging Artists From the Ernesto Esposito Collection, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno (2016); Down, The Sunday Painter, London (2016); break the thread, Frutta, Rome (2015); Oh, Of Course, You Were Berry Picking, Drei, Cologne (2015); Shortish Long Hair/ Overnight Money (an Uncontrollable Urge), Plaza Plaza, London (2013).