Patrick H Jones makes paintings based on personal memories, often drawing on the trauma or distress of loss. In previous bodies of work Jones reflects on time spent with his father, exploring the sentimentality of memory and the significance of small moments shared with him before his death. An attraction to the more troubling of these recollections is present within the body of work, both repellent due to their content and precious because of their ephemeral nature. The laws of push and pull, repulsion and attraction allude to the pathological patterns taking place within Jones, which manifest themselves in the reflection or geometry of light and dark in the works. Desperation and hope become entangled and figures without defining features are brought to the surface only to be knocked into the background.

While the intimate, solitary headshots are reminiscent of historical death masks, a form of memento mori, the churning compositions of the larger paintings approach figuration in a loose and open manner; limbs and structures morph together, creating a rhythm within the work, mostly without volume, depth or perspective, allowing scope for abstract formal design.

The depiction of the horses references an early memory of foot and mouth infected cows burning in the landscape, with the rigidity of their limbs finding a parallel in more recent experiences. These groups of people and animals reveal moments of close proximity and contact, while the final outcomes of the works explore personal loss and shifting notions of self. Drawing on Jones’ own personal experiences, the works are also analogous to broader universal truths and histories. This is conveyed by both the inherent vulnerability found within the works and also ambiguity of the subjects; being of no particular place and time, these tumbling structures and figures create chaotic situations that explore community and individual as one.

Patrick H Jones (b. 1987, London, UK), lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Turps Banana final show, Turps Banana, London, UK (2019) DREAMTIGERS, The Gallery Soho, London, UK (2018); Juggle, Plaza Plaza, London, UK (2018); SET 24, The Art Academy, London, UK (2018); Artist of the Day 2018 – Group Show, Flowers Gallery, London, UK (2018); New Contemporaries, South London Gallery, London, UK (2018).