Nicholas Pope: Drawings

Paperback 128 pages
Publisher: Ridinghouse
ISBN: 978-1909932234
Dimensions: 24.38 x 1.52 x 28.45 cm

Investigating material and form, Nicholas Pope's vivid and energetic drawing has informed the artist's sculpture throughout his career. Having predominantly employed variations of circles and holes in graphite and charcoal throughout the 1970-80s, since the early 1990s Pope has introduced more complex and vibrant arrangements of colour in Indian ink, paint and biro. 

Engaging with themes of ritual, religion and morality, the drawings coexist alongside the artist's sculpture; developing out of other works as well as becoming a foundation for new ideas. 

Accompanied by over 90 images of drawings spanning four decades, the volume includes a text by James Hamilton and an exchange between the artist and Jon Wood, which focuses on the drawings' deployment of colour as well as their relationship to Pope's sculpture.

Nicholas Pope: Drawings
£ 20.00